What led to the iron ore discovery

In 2010, Moazzam Husain working with a small group of colleagues and stakeholders, helped stake out a roadmap to develop the abundant iron ore resources of the Punjab province.

His initiative led to a geological study that today has confirmed the presence of large scale reserves of the Punjab province.

His 2010 roadmap is available here:

The report about the discovery today is here:

Still, this is only a beginning he says, as going forward, the govt needs to develop a sensible/ workable policy to grant mining concessions. And it would require large rail/ road infrastructure development in the region.

Moazzam Husain who was Director General of the Punjab Board of Investment says the ore is deep under abundant alluvial overburden and the Chenab river flows nearby which could pose hydraulic challenges. It would need a proper technical mining solution to be developed

All told this would now need a couple of hundred million dollars in investment before large scale mining and ore production and transportation of a few million tons a year can commence.

In addition the government can benefit hugely from royalty payments, private led infrastructure development, employment creation and taxes paid by the concessionaire (s).


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